5 February 2014

Back to Lithuania

This is one of my first posts in a long time and I am so excited that it's a post from Lithuania! Who said that you can't create elegance when it's -17Celsius? Myself and the amazing new talented photographer Skaiste Gulbinaite collaborated on this little project and set out to prove that you can have glamour no matter how cold it is outside! Although I only spent a couple of days in my hometown we managed to squeeze in this photo shoot and it the best decision! We started in the morning with make-up by the incredible Samanta who used Nouba cosmetics to create this super-cool Vamp-like look. And of course I could not resist buying this amazing purple lipstick... What makes it even better is that this lipstick lasts the whole day! I know, right?! If I am honest I was a bit hesitant with such heavy make-up because normally I don't wear a lot of make-up(apart from the bright lipsticks and eyeliner when I go out) but I must say I could not be happier with the outcome and I am already excited for future collaborations that we have in mind!