28 March 2013

This look of mine was definitely one of those "Chanel" jacket influenced combos. Love the classic monochrome, whether it is a dress , a jacket or a T-shirt it just looks super classy!

|Hat: Gucci| Dress: Guess| Bag: Chanel| Booties: Miss Sixty|

26 March 2013

Two of my numerous weaknesses: good food and good wine. One of the great things about London is that there are so many amazing restaurants! My favorites so far:


I have been seduced by this incredibly trendy restaurant a while ago and I recommend this restaurant to everyone. You can hardly find a person who wasn't pleased with this modern Chinese cuisine. The food is impeccable, especially if you are a fan of Dim Sum or duck like me. Every time I talk about it I can still recreate the taste from memory! Yes, it is that good. The extensive cocktail and wine menu can satisfy even the most peculiar taste, even including the non-alcoholic cocktail range. Extremely quick service and incredible food. However one thing I have to warn you about is the reservation time. Your reservation will be up to 2 hours and after that you will be asked to leave. However don't be deterred by this, the food is incredible and unless you are having your first romantic dinner there, you will be absolutely fine.


If you are one of those people who value the view more than anything this is certainly a restaurant for you. This Michelin-starred restaurant is located on the 28th floor of the Park Lane Hilton Hotel so that you can enjoy the spectacular views of London. This French modern cuisine offers incredible choice of food, with steak and wild mushroom risotto being my personal favorites. Extremely helpful and polite staff and very elegant interior just added to the wonderful experience I had every single time I dined here. It is perfect for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. 


Similar to Hakkassan in a sense that it is a Michelin-starred Chinese cuisine, but more appealing to the younger crowd. Located in the trendy Soho, Yauatcha offers exceptionally tasty food and wine. For those who are Macaroon lovers like myself, it is absolute paradise. There is a separate section where you can purchase handmade chocolates, macaroons and other treats. Very chic and modern interior, definitely worth a try!


Well, this is certainly a place to pay a visit even if it is just for a cocktail. Sketch is a very special place because...well... it has pretty much everything. A funky bar, a more traditional bar, a trendy two Michelin starred restaurant, with original interior, extensive cocktail menu and anything else you can think of. There is also this surreal feeling when you are there it all seems slightly mystical and enigmatic. You simply cannot leave London without at least having a drink at Sketch. 


And now one for the Sushi lovers. I am sure if you are one you've heard of Nobu. It is the ultimate sushi and raw food paradise. There is a great choice of food even for those who are not fans of raw fish. This restaurant it probably best enjoyed in the evening and kind of does have this romantic feel to it. Desserts are incredible, but I won't give away why, you have to see for yourself. With a very central location, extremely friendly staff and good food; what else do you need? 

19 March 2013

Things that make me happy.
 This week my big "happy" 5 includes: 

Always creates a stand-out look with minimum effort and it's very trendy at the moment!
Yessss...My new obsession with Mac. I've always been a fan but now I'm obsessed. My common sense always tells me "you don't need this" but somehow I manage to ignore it at least once a week...Oh well, who doesn't?
So you know the saying "the easiest way to a man's heart (is through his stomach"? They must be talking about Macaroons.  The absolute key to anyone's heart...The most sophisticated French delicacy of all. Simply irresistible!
I've been searching for a pair of booties almost to the point of obsession! I wanted something I could wear everyday (not too high) but if in need, something I could wear when going out as well. And my "shoe hunt" finally ended successfully with a pair 
of these studded black booties!
Especially when it's something that you found by accident! It was definitely the case for me this time!

What's your big "happy" 5? 

17 March 2013

One of those usual(cold!) weekends in London: shopping, eating &  friends. I thought I might as well use my last opportunity to wear fur and my new Mac lipstick (I'm obsessed!)...Cold weather-PLEASE GO AWAY. We want our sun back...

|Hat: Seeberger|Fur jacket:Massimo Dutti| Skirt: Massimo Dutti| Necklace:Forever 21| Ring: Swarovski| Bag: Louis Vuitton|

12 March 2013

One of the most beautiful Vogue Cover shoots

I know it's not the latest Vogue issue; but the reason why I was so keen to post about this Vogue (January 2013) Issue must be something to do with my recent hat obsession...I absolutely love them. There is just something special about a woman in a hat... And this Vogue Cover Shoot with Gwen Stefani(!) wearing a sequinned Saint Laurent jacket and a felt hat -just proves it!

By Saint Laurent 

10 March 2013

|The Neon Trend|
Love it or hate it?
For a very long time I'd resisted liking the whole neon trend. I was always sure you'd either love it or hate it and there was no place in between. I realise now that it has something to do with the way people wear it. Most people overdo it, and now I know that Neon can actually look very chic and trendy but it's best worn understated. You have to put in some serious thought before wearing any neon piece. My favourite pieces are neon accessories since even if you're a little colour shy a neon necklace or a clutch could really spice up your outfit without making everyone's eyes hurt! 

Happy with my first Neon accessory!

Celebrities that managed to rock The Neon Trend:


My final advice:

quote that gives the best advice on how to manage The Neon Trend that I came across on another blog:

Neon is like tequila. 
  A little bit really makes a party. 
  But too much of it and you're easily a hot mess

7 March 2013

This rainy afternoon in London we were out hunting in Oxford street for those who had braved the weather, but had still managed to look fabulous! These are some of my favourites and look for more on my Facebook page.

6 March 2013

I think all the Londoners will agree with me on this one:
we love the sun here SO MUCH because it's SO RARE!
So for the first time in months I decided to put my sunglasses on  and enjoy the sun while it lasts!
This lil' combo of mine,black, white & red, must be one of my favourite colour combinations, after black, white & blue of course.
What is your favourite combination?

Photos by Vanessa IP
|Jeans: Current/Elliott|Jacket: Forever21| Fur Coat: Armani Jeans|Hat:Moschino| Boots: Pinko|Sunglasses: Prada|

3 March 2013

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|Sometimes it's the smile that does it|

A simple cosy jumper + a smile on your face :) 
Sometimes that's all you need to look great!
Need a reason to smile? 
Read on!

|Jumper: Chloe|Jeans:Topshop|Ring: Swarovski|Ring 2: Baccarat|

Why smile?

2 very interesting reasons

Smiling makes us more attractive?!

Hmmm.... Debatable, but what isn't- the fact that we are more drawn to people who smile! Try it yourself and let me know if it works ;)

Smile for sex?!
Really?! Apparently some studies show that women's smile have that magical effect on men. Unfortunately it doesn't work that well the other way round...

Why shouldn’t you smile? 
When choosing between your options  e.g. frown or a blank face smile seems like the most logical thing to do.
           JUST DO IT !