3 March 2013

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|Sometimes it's the smile that does it|

A simple cosy jumper + a smile on your face :) 
Sometimes that's all you need to look great!
Need a reason to smile? 
Read on!

|Jumper: Chloe|Jeans:Topshop|Ring: Swarovski|Ring 2: Baccarat|

Why smile?

2 very interesting reasons

Smiling makes us more attractive?!

Hmmm.... Debatable, but what isn't- the fact that we are more drawn to people who smile! Try it yourself and let me know if it works ;)

Smile for sex?!
Really?! Apparently some studies show that women's smile have that magical effect on men. Unfortunately it doesn't work that well the other way round...

Why shouldn’t you smile? 
When choosing between your options  e.g. frown or a blank face smile seems like the most logical thing to do.
           JUST DO IT !