5 February 2014

Back to Lithuania

This is one of my first posts in a long time and I am so excited that it's a post from Lithuania! Who said that you can't create elegance when it's -17Celsius? Myself and the amazing new talented photographer Skaiste Gulbinaite collaborated on this little project and set out to prove that you can have glamour no matter how cold it is outside! Although I only spent a couple of days in my hometown we managed to squeeze in this photo shoot and it the best decision! We started in the morning with make-up by the incredible Samanta who used Nouba cosmetics to create this super-cool Vamp-like look. And of course I could not resist buying this amazing purple lipstick... What makes it even better is that this lipstick lasts the whole day! I know, right?! If I am honest I was a bit hesitant with such heavy make-up because normally I don't wear a lot of make-up(apart from the bright lipsticks and eyeliner when I go out) but I must say I could not be happier with the outcome and I am already excited for future collaborations that we have in mind! 

12 November 2013

all of the reds

A quick weekend update for you! This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of UK's most popular tourist destinations- Brighton. It wasn't my first time in Brighton, but what's so special about this city, is the new discoveries you make no matter how many times you've been there. My personal favourite being the boutiques. People must think I'm mad living in London and being impressed by boutiques in Brighton?! Well, these are somewhat different. If you're looking for something very original and unique Brighton is the place to visit. Especially the jewellery shops which sell a wide range of work from super talented young designers. So if you're looking for something special-head to Brighton! 

Top: French Connection
Fur Gillet: Topshop
Hat: Stefanel
Boots: Ash
Bag: Celine

6 November 2013

photographs by Galina Perkarskaya

After a long break I'm back with new projects!
This time it's a collaboration with a student from one of the best art schools in the world- Central Saint Martins who just so happens to be one of my really good friends!This is quite different from anything I've done before in terms of the style of the photo shoot but since I can't resist trying out new things especially when it comes to art & fashion this is my new more arty & urban take on fashion. Enjoy!

Beanie: River Island
Top: River Island
Jeans: J Brand
Heels: YSL
Make-up: MAC


9 September 2013


This post is all about our collaboration with IN Boutique Lithuania. I will be posting a few more outfits during this week where I used IN Boutique's accessories with my own or other Lithuanian boutique's clothes. If you see anything you like their address in Lithuania is:

IN boutique parduotuvės adresas:
 M.Valančiaus g.10-2, Kaunas


 Prancūziška vilnos skara, VDMD
Peiliu dekoruotas itališkas dirželis, Brunocenere
 Kelnės Cimarron, Prancūzija
Ispaniškas rankų darbo žiedas su koralais ir perlais dengtas 24kt auksu, Verdeagua-alhajas
 D.Britanija, dizainerė Nica Kim
Ispaniški rankų darbo auskarai su kvarcu, dengti 24kt auksu - Verdeagua-alhajas
Florentietška vilnos skrybėlė - Bettina

1 September 2013

Last Days Of Summer

So this is one of my lasts posts from Summer 2013 and also my last post from Lithuania!For this reason I have chosen to wear all my "blues". For those who don't know blue is my favourite colour and it is only appropriate to dedicate this post to it by putting a strong emphasis on the BLUE. Thanks to the latest Rayban collection I was able to embrace its vibrant essence properly!What's your favourite colour?